Burna Boy Praises 21 Savage’s Authenticity and Impact

Burna Boy trusts his gut when it comes to his music and collaborations, and he finds himself naturally drawn to artists like 21 Savage—those who remain grounded in their convictions and consistently defy the constraints imposed upon them. Like 21, Burna Boy knows what it’s like to rise above challenging beginnings, and it makes his success all that much more remarkable. Throughout his work—including on his newest album, American Dream, which opens with a reflection by his mother on their immigration story—21 maintains an authenticity that resonates deeply. His approach to rap is refreshingly genuine; he speaks to us in a relatable way, effortlessly navigating the complexities of the genre. Whether he tackles weighty subjects or offers moments of levity, his delivery remains compelling. Burna Boy has recently had the privilege of sharing one of his most significant milestones with 21, performing with him at the Grammys. Burna Boy is excited to witness the greater evolution of his artistry and the impact he continues to make on the world stage.

Burna Boy is a Grammy-winning musician

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