Alia Bhatt makes English language film debut in Heart of Stone

Alia Bhatt is a . She is not only one of the world’s leading actors, admired for her work in the Indian film industry for over a decade—she is also a businesswoman and a philanthropist who leads with integrity.

I met Alia on Heart of Stone, her English-language film debut. Despite her fame, on set she carried herself humbly and had a good sense of humor. There is a grace to the way she approaches her work: focused, open to ideas, and willing to take creative risks. One of my favorite moments in the film came from an improvisation at the end of a take where she took the emotional thread and ran with it.

Alia’s superpower is her ability to blend movie-star magnetism with authenticity and sensitivity. As an actor she is luminous, and as a person she brings the grounded assurance and creativity that make a truly international star.

Harper is a director, producer, and writer