Read Alex Rodriguez’s TIME100 Tribute to Patrick Mahomes: Heart of a Champion

has always had the heart of a champion. I remember Pat as a young kid, coming to practice with his dad to tee up baseballs for me and my teammates. I distinctly remember giving him the worst advice ever. “Don’t play football. The money’s in baseball.” I’m happy to be wrong and glad he didn’t listen! Patrick has transcended the game of football to become one of the most respected athletes of all time, both on and off the field. His insatiable desire to win is outdone only by his passion to give back and make the world around him better. Patrick’s legacy will live on far beyond his playing days. And—as evidenced by his wins—he’s not done yet!

Rodriguez is a Major League Baseball World Series champion, Fox Sports studio analyst, and philanthropist

Styling by Wesmore Perriott; grooming by Miguel Atkins; production by Vanessa Bermudez; special thanks to the TX Studio, Schmidli Backdrops and Synthetic Grass DFW

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