Colman Domingo: Authenticity and Artistic Brilliance

Colman Domingo felt like family, like a brother, from the moment I met him. I was just instantly attracted to him as a human being. He’s so kind and open—he really lets you into his spirit. I deeply admire his authenticity. He is completely honest and true to who he was created to be, and he does everything with such grace, humility, and gratitude. 

He also happens to be a fantastic actor. The characters Colman plays onscreen are all over the map—from an addict in recovery to —which shows his depth as an actor and a creative. Seeing how his work continues to evolve is inspiring, and I love that he’s finally getting his flowers. I’m proud to know him as a friend, as a human being, and as a fellow artist. There’s only one Colman Domingo—and he’s truly one of the greats.

Kravitz is a Grammy-winning musical artist and actor