World’s #1 Beads Sofa Brand (US), Yogibo First Online Shop for Singapore

SINGAPORE, Oct 25, 2021 – (ACN Newswire via – Yogibo, the world’s number one Beads sofa brand, will launch its online store in Singapore on November 11, 2021. Yogibo is a brand which originated in New Hampshire (US) in 2009. It has expanded its business throughout the US, to Canada, Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and other countries around the world as an innovative sofa.

Yogibo Singapore’s Official Online Store Launches on November 11th – Hello SINGAPORE!

Yogibo Singapore’s Official Online Store Launches on November 11th – Hello SINGAPORE!

Yogibo’s Beads sofas are made from a single piece of fabric using a special manufacturing process. As a result, Yogibo’s Beads products can be used as beds, sofas, recliners, and more as its shape can be arranged freely based on the intended use. It is loved by its fans as “the magic sofa that’s too comfortable to move” since it adjusts to your body no matter which direction you sit.

Beads sofas are made with multiple fabrics that can be placed upright and don’t need backrests. Yogibo’s secret is the outer cover, made with patented US technology, available in a wide lineup of sizes and colors to fit every lifestyle, from single-person sofas to family sofas, and children’s sofas.

COLORFUL LIFE Campaign in Singapore between November 11th and 25th –!

Purchase a Yogibo Beads series sofa during the COLORFUL LIFE Campaign from November 11th to 25th and get a FREE outer cover. Take this opportunity to find your favorite cover from our rich color lineup and add a little extra color to your Yogibo life.

Yogibo Singapore sofa series:

Yogibo Singapore Official Online Store Outline
Website Name: Yogibo Singapore
Opening Date: November 11, 2021
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– Facebook

Eyal Levy and the Yogibo Story

Eyal Levy, the founder and CEO of Yogibo, created the concept Beads sofa made of stretchy fabric to solve the problem of his pregnant wife’s inability to sleep on her stomach, leading to the creation of Yogibo. The Yogibo Beads sofa is not an item that can be used for pregnant women and childcare, but a relaxing product that will also enrich your life. (We do recommend pregnant women consult their doctor before using Yogibo sofas, as health conditions during pregnancy vary.)

Yogibo’s Global Presence

Yogibo has become a brand supported by fans worldwide, irrespective of age or gender. In the US, Yogibo is working to promote ‘Sensory Rooms’, which are quiet, calming spaces for people with developmental disabilities, such as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), who are uncomfortable with loud noises and bright lights. Yogibo Sensory Rooms have been installed in NBA and NFL arenas and stadiums across the US.

In Japan, the global female pop group NiziU, created through a joint project between Korea’s JYP and Sony Music, has been a commercial representative for Yogibo since July 2021, with their commercial having achieved first place in the Japanese commercial popularity ranking. Thanks to their profile, Yogibo has attracted a great deal of attention.

Yogibo is also known as a co-sponsor of Japan’s first women’s professional soccer ‘WE League’, a co-sponsor of Japan’s leading mixed martial arts events “RIZIN”, and as a team sponsor on Japan’s premier racing circuit “SUPER GT”.

Web Shark is the Japanese company that produces Yogibo, the magic Beads sofa that makes it too comfortable to move. Yogibo is also working to establish new businesses such as “Don Wally Eggwich” and the advertising project “TANZAQ”, focused on solving social issues in a sustainable manner. In addition to sponsoring sporting events, the company provides support for disaster-stricken areas. Through these and other contributions to society, the company is developing its business in hopes of promoting a stress-free society.

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