KYT Launches Designer Bags for Diabetics

WELLINGTON, New Zealand, May 2, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via – Diabetics now have their own designer bags to streamline their daily treatment. KYT, which stands for Keeping You Together, has revealed three new contemporary, premium bags purpose-built for the everyday needs of people with diabetes – a chronic condition that the World Health Organization (WHO) says affects 422 million people worldwide.

Crafted with the insights of hundreds of diabetics from around the world, the bags have innovative features, smart layouts, premium materials like gold-rated Italian leather and solid brass hardware, and ethical craftsmanship. A contemporary exterior discreetly hides diabetes supplies like a testing kit, pump consumables, and insulin pens. The bags now available for global pre-order are:

SideKYT: a contemporary crossbody bag that streamlines users’ essential diabetes supplies. The bag splits in two: life essentials up front and diabetes equipment out back. A testing station allows blood glucose levels to be tested straight from the bag.

SideKYT+: a larger crossbody built for pump users or those who want to take more equipment or spares.

StarterKYT: a compact case that lets users take their supplies on the sly. The size of a sunglasses case, it smartly locks together with magnets, unfolds completely flat to create a testing station, and then folds back together in a snap.

KYT is also committed to ethical production and materials, and a donation from every bag sold helps diabetes charities get crucial supplies to those in need.

At age 20, Designer & KYT Founder Bridget Scanlan was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. As her pancreas stopped producing insulin, she had to learn to manage multiple blood glucose tests and insulin injections every day. Along with all the equipment that came with it.

“From talking to diabetics around the world, I got universal insights into the daily diabetes struggle,” Scanlan says. “It sparked a thought: could smarter design empower people to feel better about dealing with daily treatment? I wanted to redesign diabetes so we could all redefine it.”

Combining her background in fashion design and entrepreneurship, Scanlan was inspired to channel her chronic condition to help empower other diabetics by creating designer bags specifically for diabetics.

“Every zip, every angle, every equipment detail has been influenced by the insights gathered from the hundreds of incredible diabetics who have opened up and shared their diabetes stories (and gripes) with me,” Scanlan says.

According to WHO, globally 8.5% of adults aged 18 and older have diabetes, making it one of the most prevalent chronic conditions worldwide.

Stanford University research estimates that people managing diabetes make around 180 extra health-related decisions every day to keep themselves safe.

Here is some of the feedback from diabetics using KYT’s original Crossbody bag:

“I’ve been waiting 50 years for a bag like this…. it is so easy to ‘keep me together.’ Pick it up and off I go, and no one knows what I am having to carry around.” – Joy, New Zealand Diabetic

“I am loving my KYT for travel! It’s such a great bag, I now take it with me whenever I go away.” – Megan, London Diabetic

“Cannot be more excited for this amazing bag designed for diabetics. Fully functional & more importantly so stylish!” – Kyoko, Tokyo Diabetic

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About KYT Diabetes Bags

KYT stands for KEEPING YOU TOGETHER. We’re redefining diabetes by redesigning it. With look-good, feel-good, do-good bags designed to help you feel great about doing diabetes on the daily.

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Bridget Scanlan
Designer & KYT Founder

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