Why Beyoncé Fans Are Asking Her to Delay Announcing an Upcoming Cowboy Carter Tour

Rumors that Beyoncé will announce a tour to support her eighth studio album, Renaissance, have been circulating online since the project was released last week. And though the singer has not announced any tour plans yet, the speculation has many fans already anticipating high ticket prices.

“BRB gonna apply for a new credit card,” wrote one person on X in response to a post from a pop culture account that suggests Beyoncé will announce a tour on Friday. “I mean, we don’t have money, but we will be there,” wrote another.

Beyoncé is rumored to announce her “COWBOY CARTER” tour on Friday. — Pop Tingz (@ThePopTingz)

— BEYONCÉ LEGION 𐚁 (@BeyLegion)

While there has been no official announcement of a new tour, the singer’s most followed fan accounts fueled rumors on Thursday by sharing a link on to a site called BeenCountry.com, which takes users to a page of photos of Beyoncé and one of her mother when she was younger with her maiden name, Celestine Beyince.

As rumors fly, fans are begging Beyoncé to hold off on announcing a tour, joking that they still need to financially recover from her last one. The Renaissance World Tour, which wrapped up in Oct. 2023 and was her first since the On The Run Tour II in 2018. According to , tickets for the Renaissance Tour ranged in price depending on the reseller. The average fan could expect to pay around $400 to $550, Billboard reported, with resale tickets for her Houston show going for as low as $279.

“NO TOUR UNTIL 2025,” one post said, and it was met with support from other commenters. “I ain’t going to the cowboy carter tour y’all,” another post says, “I thought I had more time. I thought I had more time.”

NO TOUR UNTIL 2025!NO TOUR UNTIL 2025!NO TOUR UNTIL 2025!NO TOUR UNTIL 2025! — raymond (@Raymond_Miguel)

Another person joked that they wouldn’t be able to eat real food because they knew the concert would be expensive. According to , the Renaissance Tour tickets ranged in price depending on the reseller. They report that the average fan could expect to pay around $400 to $550, with resale tickets for her Houston show going for as low as $279.

what i’m eating if beyoncé announce this tour — 𐚁 onii 𐚁 (@__Onixivy_)

cowboy carter tour becoming more and more likely — e! (@ethxooo)

cowboy carter tour cuz half the fandom is broke — Damien (@6inchlena)

Cowboy Carter Tour bc half of the hive is broke: — tyler carey 𓄋 (@mimiscatalog)

I went to the renaissance, bought the merch, went to the movie premiere, bought more merch, bought cé nior, bought so much cécred, and cowboy carter merch. lmaoo sister hold that tour for a lil bit.— wh✩tney (@thewhitneyce)

the beyhive praying for no tour is killing me 😭😭😭— Bada$$ery 🪭 | fan account (@thebaddestbeys)

The rumors of a new tour are still unfounded, but not impossible—although it would come faster than Beyoncé’s announcement for the Renaissance World Tour, which arrived several months after she released the album in 2022. It would not be unlike Beyoncé to have a few tricks up her sleeve, some that delight her fans—and some that throw them into a frenzy.