Profile: Da’Vine Joy Randolph

The first time I saw Da’Vine Joy Randolph perform was during an early preview of Ghost the Musical. She effortlessly existed on that stage and commanded the room with her power, which was unbelievable. Here was this girl, fresh out of Yale, totally reinventing an iconic role. She was exceptional.

It’s exciting that now we all get to experience the fullness of what Da’Vine can do. Her role in The Holdovers was balletic, just so deliberate and crafted. She approaches her characters with sincerity, honesty, and nuance that makes me proud to be an actor. Da’Vine firmly stands in who she is, embracing the whole of her strength and softness, and I so admire that.

One of the highest compliments you can give in Nigeria is “well done”—that’s when you know you’re really cooking with gas—so, well done, Da’Vine. Well, well done.

Aduba is an Emmy-winning and Tony-nominated actor

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