Hurricane Beryl’s Projected Path: Category 4 Storm Threatens Caribbean and Central America

Hurricane Beryl makes its way to the Caribbean's Windward Islands

Hurricane Beryl, a Category 4 storm, was moving through the southeastern Caribbean as of Monday afternoon. The hurricane hit Grenada’s Carriacou Island on Monday morning with winds of 150 miles per hour.

The storm, which is predicted to bring “life-threatening winds and storm surge,” has already caused power outages and flooding on other Caribbean islands, including Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadine Islands, Tobago, and Grenada on Monday.

The hurricane is expected to continue westward over the next four to five days, likely passing through Jamaica on Wednesday before reaching the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico on Friday, according to the National Hurricane Center. Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti are also expected to be affected by the storm, although they will be further from the center than other islands. 

The National Hurricane Center has warned that the storm is “extremely dangerous.”

Hurricane Beryl is the only Category 4 storm on record in June, marking an exceptionally strong start to the Atlantic hurricane season this year, which typically peaks between August and October.