Girl Announces Boyfriend on Live TV at Glastonbury

Glastonbury Festival 2024 - Day One

A young girl had an exciting announcement to make at the start of Glastonbury Festival on Wednesday: she has a boyfriend.

When BBC reporter Colin Patterson asked 5-year-old Elske to tell him more about her new boyfriend, the little girl proudly shared his name, “Toby Ogden.” Patterson then turned to her parents, who had amusingly differing opinions on the boy.

“It’s a no from me,” the girl’s father told Patterson, jokingly, while her mother was more supportive. “No, he’s lovely. They’re good friends,” she said, adding that the youngsters are planning to have tea [an evening meal] together after Glastonbury.

Elske, wearing a bucket hat with smiley faces on it, will be turning six tomorrow. Ahead of her big birthday, it seems her dad is feeling protective about her having a boyfriend.

“My daddy said he will lock him in a tower,” she said, though her father denied it. “I never said that,” he told Patterson, shaking his head.

This adorable moment aired on BBC Breakfast, ahead of Glastonbury’s annual showcase in Somerset, which runs from June 26 to June 30 this year.

The festival attracts attendees from all over the world to watch some of the biggest musical stars. This year, the lineup includes Dua Lipa, ColdPlay, SZA, and Shania Twain, among others.